For over half a century that the Bache family, owner of Amazon Lodge Corto Maltes, is dedicated to the hospitality industry. Our extensive experience is a guarantee of good service and professional treatment.

Like the protagonist of adventures that shares its name, the owners of Corto Maltes Amazonia treasured experiences and friends from various cultures and numerous trips, dreams lived in various countries and periods. From France to Mexico, from Costa Rica to the current Amazon.

In the Corto Maltes Amazonia get the best rating of our customers, who do not hesitate to assert that his stay at the Lodge Corto Maltes Amazonia is memorable for its facilities, for the kind treatment and above all by its international cuisine, something that should not surprising because French cuisine is of great prestige. The dishes offered by the Lodge kitchen every occasion are prepared with the best and freshest local products, actively collaborating with producers market of Puerto Maldonado, with subtle aromas and flavors own kitchens as the French, Mexican or Iranian .

We're already met the ten years after its opening, after a steady growth in both its facilities and personnel as a recognition that give tourists and national and international agencies, Corto Maltes Amazonia gives a makeover at its website to provide better service to our customers and partners.

Appreciating their confidence and wishing you a nice visit,

Georges Baché,

General Manager


Puerto Maldonado Tlf.+51 82 573831




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